Taiwan says tracks intruding Chinese aircraft with missiles, not always scrambling

The air force of Taiwan is not scrambling every time a Chinese aircraft encroaches its ADIZ (air defence identification zone) but instead tracks intruders, who have ground missiles to help protect resources,said an official on Monday.

The air force of Taiwan has continually scrambled for intercepting the Chinese aircrafts over the past few months. The US approved a potential $620mn upgrade package for the Patriot surface-to-air missiles to Taiwan back in July last year.

Around 20 Chinese military jets encroached Taiwan’s ADIZ on Friday, which is the biggest incursion reported till date by the defence military of the island and marking one drastic elevation of stress across Taiwan Strait.


Although they haven’t flown over Taiwan, the Chinese aircrafts have increased pressure, both physical and financial, on air force for ensuring that its airplanes are set to launch in case of a war of attrition.

Chang-Che-ping, the Deputy Defence Minister, said in the parliament that initially the fighter aircrafts were launched every time for intercepting a Chinese aircraft that had its mission concentrated in south-eastern region of the Taiwan’s ADIZ.


However, as that consumed valuable resources and time, that was changed and Taiwan began sending slow aircraft if China also did the same, but that changed too, added Chang.