Mexico’s coronavirus death toll is likely 60% higher than confirmed numbers

The death toll of Mexico from the COVID-19 pandemic is probably around 60 per cent higher in contrast to the confirmed figure, placing it in surplus of about 300,000 cases, as per the government data.

The updated numbers here on the surplus death toll in one table issued by the Healthy Ministry of Mexico revealed that by mid-February this year, around 294,287 death cases related with coronavirus were registered on the death certificate in Mexico.

This figure didn’t coincide accurately with a particular day from daily bulletin of the Health Ministry; however over 25,000 coronavirus death cases have been recorded since the sixth week of this year. As on Sunday, the Health Ministry confirmed that the fatality rate stood at around 201,623.


The Mexican government has said for long that the country’s real figure for coronavirus-related deaths is probably higher than confirmed death toll.

Low testing rates in the country imply that several fatalities aren’t confirmed; however they might still be registered in the death certificate as suspected coronavirus cases, say experts.


The higher fatality rate estimate was done depending on one word search on the death certificates which mentioned COVID-19 as well as other words related to the global pandemic, said the ministry in its statement.