Texas cabinet factory shooter ID’d as 27-year-old Larry Bollin

The Texas cabinet factory worker accused of shooting six co-workers and a state trooper in a deadly Thursday afternoon rampage has been identified as 27-year-old Larry Bollin.

Bollin has since been charged with murder and is being held on a $1 million bond, police told Houston’s ABC 13.

One of the shooting victims at a Kent Moore Cabinets factory in Bryan was killed, and four of the five injured workers are in critical condition, police said in a statement.

A Texas DPS Trooper was also shot by Bollin, and seriously injured, during a police pursuit about a half-hour away from the crime scene, officials said.

Bollin was reportedly captured in Grimes County, northwest of Houston, two hours after the 2:30 p.m. mass shooting.

Police have not revealed a possible motive for the workplace shooting, and are expected to announce the names of the victims Friday, according to the local station, which spoke to Bollin’s co-workers.

“I see him every day,” Kent Moore worker Marc Barron reportedly said. “The dude, he’s kind of quiet. He’s the dude you wouldn’t expect to do this kind of stuff. But I guess that’s why nobody expected for stuff like this to happen.”


Employee Amelia Rodriguez told ABC 13 she and other co-workers were praying for their lives during the attack.

“I hid under a small place and praying to God,” she said in a TV interview. “To give me the opportunity to be alive again. Because you never know with these people. I remember El Paso. I remember Virginia. These shootings going on everywhere and you never know.”

Kent Moore Cabinets, which employees 600 people according to its website, issued a statement Thursday night.

“Our hearts are hurting,” the Facebook post began.

“We’re all devastated by the tragic events at our Stone City manufacturing plant in Bryan on Thursday. Our thoughts are with our workers and their families, and we ask that you join us in keeping everyone touched by this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers.


“We are fully cooperating with the police who are investigating this horrible crime. We’re thankful that law enforcement officers responded so quickly and are so appreciative of the critical medical care that paramedics provided to our coworkers. Our focus now is on our employees and their families during this most difficult time, and we hope you understand we are not able to respond to your comments. Your concern and kind words are deeply appreciated.”