US and allies slap China’s wrist while Beijing plays brutal hardball

US and allies slap China’s wrist while Beijing plays brutal hardball

Canada, Britain, the European Union (EU) and the US announced sanctions on Monday against several Chinese officials over serious abuse of human right against Uighurs, a Muslim-minority group in far-west area of Xinjiang. That is wrist-slaps for genocide as Beijing opts for jugular against the powers which displease it.

The EU joined Western allies to announce China sanctions, which is the first time it has taken such an action since Tiananmen Square incident. However, targeting some Chinese officials does not match with the scale of such atrocities- rape, torture as well as trapping over 1mn civilians in the concentration camps.


Antony Blinken, the Secretary of the State says that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) first gets involved in the genocide and then makes noise on the ongoing commitment of the allies to work multilaterally in order to extend respect for human right and accusing only some officials for such atrocities.

Meanwhile, Beijing has imposed bans and tariffs on $50bn per year of the Australian wine, barley, coal and seafood in retaliation of PM Scott Morrison calling investigators to enter Wuhan and probe the origin of one pandemic which has claimed the life of millions of people as well as decimated the global economy.


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