U.S. COVID-19 cases top 30 million as states race to vaccinate

On Wednesday, the US crossed 30mn COVID-19 cases, as per a tally conducted by Reuters, as the states boost their vaccination campaign by reducing age limits.

Many states have removed the mask-wearing mandates against the health experts’ advice, and more contagious variants have spread all over the country as well.

Though the cases have increased in 30 of 50 states in contrast to last week, the health officials expect that the vaccination will prevent an increase in the death cases. The US has lost around 544,000 people to the fatal virus.

On Monday, New York joined Florida as well as a few other states for making vaccines available to individuals who are around 50 years.


Over the last two weeks, several states including Arizona, Texas and Alaska have reduced their coronavirus vaccine eligibility age.

Arizona reduced eligibility age limit to 16 years at the state-run coronavirus vaccination sites across 3 highly populated southern counties starting Wednesday. The three other counties have eligibility limit at 16 already, with most at 55.


Alaska is the first US state that made vaccine available to those who are 16 and above previously this month and presently is among the country that has highest vaccination rates, with 31.5 per cent residents having gotten one shot at least, as per the data from the CDC.