Nike faces social media storm in China over Xinjiang statement

China’s netizens showed their anger on social media on Wednesday after spotting a statement from Nike which said that it was concerned about forced labour reports in Xinjiang region and that the company doesn’t use the cotton produced there.

Topics revolving around Nike’s statement were trending high on Chinese social media platform called Weibo and the backlash had received broader fallout.

Wang Yibo, the famous Chinese actor terminated its agreement as the representative for the sporting goods giant following the criticism the company received over its Xinjiang statement, said his agency on Thursday through Weibo.

It wasn’t clear when the company had issued such a statement, which didn’t have any date mentioned. Nike wasn’t immediately available for a comment on the matter.


The social media backlash comes when the relations between China and the US have worsened in the recent years.

Meanwhile, the European Union, Canada, Britain and the US imposed sanctions on Monday on a few Chinese officials for alleged abuse of human rights in Xinjiang. China has retaliated with the sanctions on the European institutions and lawmakers.


Activists as well as a few Western politicians have accused China of utilizing forced labour, sterilizations and torture in Xinjiang. The country has denied these allegations and  says that its offering vocational training to the people in Xinjiang.