Wife stunned to learn husband is female after months of sex

An Indonesian woman is reeling after learning her husband of 10 months is actually female — despite the fact they frequently “had sex.”

The 22-year-old wife — identified only as NA — has now pressed charges against her estranged spouse over the deceit.

“I’m still scared. I’m shaking when I go out,” the jilted bride is quoted as saying in a report published in the local outlet Tribun News.

According to the website, NA first met her spouse — who went by the name Ahnaf Arrafif — on the dating app Tantan last year.

Arrafif purportedly claimed to be a doctor who was educated in New York, and the two soon hit it off via message.

The pair met in person in May 2021 after Arrafif traveled to NA’s hometown of Jambi. Arrafif proposed a short time later and they tied the knot in July.

Erayani Arrafif (pictured) has reportedly been charged with fraud in Indonesia after posing as a man and tricking a woman, identified as NA, into getting married. The couple were married for 10 months before the truth of Arrafif’s sex was revealed.

NA admitted to being intimate with her spouse during their marriage, saying she believed they had engaged in penetrative intercourse.

However, she admitted that she was asked “not to look directly at Arrafif’s genitals” and that her “eyes were covered with a cloth” whenever things turned steamy.


NA also alleged that Arrafif would only get naked with the lights off, so that sex was had “in a state of blackout,” Suara.com reports.

Arrafif claimed to be a man named Ahnaf Arrafif. They matched with NA on a dating app before they met up in May 2021. They wed two months later.
Arrafif reportedly forced NA to have sex with the lights off. The bride was also ordered to be blindfolded whenever the couple became intimate.

While NA’s mother was reportedly charmed by Arrafif prior to the marriage, she soon became suspicious when it appeared he did not actually have a job.

Arrafif moved in with NA and her mother, and promptly began asking for money. In the ensuing months, NA’s meddling mama became more and more convinced that her “son-in-law” was a fraudster. She also started to become skeptical that Arrafif was a man, and she tried to obtain identification documents.


This past April, she finally confronted Arrafif and ordered him to strip naked. At that point., Arrafif is said to have admitted to being a woman who was actually named Erayani Arrafif.

Arrafif is seen in photo published by media in Indonesia. The case has generated widespread attention in the region.
Arrafif is seen with NA in a photo published by media in Indonesia. The case has generated widespread attention in the region.

NA and her mother contacted the police, and Arrafif has reportedly been charged with fraud.

The scam artist admitted to cops that they tricked NA into thinking she was having penetrative sex by using fingers.

It’s currently unclear whether Arrafif is likely to face jail time if convicted of the fraud. A court date has not yet been announced.