Anti-gun groups, Eric Swalwell try to fundraise off Buffalo massacre

Wasting little time in the aftermath of Saturday’s mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket, gun control groups and at least one Democratic lawmaker are already using the monstrous, racially-motivated crime to try and fill their campaign coffers.

Screenshots of fundraising emails sent out by Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady PAC and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) were shared on social media this week. 

“This weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo is yet another horrifying reminder of how white supremacy is deadly, especially when it’s combined with easy access to guns,” read a screenshot of an email from Everytown for Gun Safety that was tweeted by Second Amendment activist Robert Romano Monday.

“Our hearts are with everyone impacted by the tragic shooting at a Tops supermarket on Saturday. At least 10 people were killed, at least three more were wounded in an act of racist, hate-motivated violence, and an entire community has been forever traumatized,” the message went on before concluding: “We must address gun violence perpetrated by white supremacy … As a movement of millions, we rely on grassroots supporters like you coming together to demand change. Donate today to help us take on armed extremism and work for a future free from gun violence.”

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell sent out a fundraising email exploiting the shooting in Buffalo.
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The message then invited readers to donate $9, $14, $18 through Democrat-linked fundraising platform ActBlue or contribute a another amount.

Everytown for Gun Safety, which was founded and is largely funded by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment.

Brady PAC – named for former White House press secretary James Brady, who died in 2014 from injuries he sustained in a 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan – sent out a similar email the day after the shooting

“Yesterday was another dark day in this country. An 18 year old white supremacist armed himself with an AR-15 and tactical gear and murdered 10 people in a Buffalo supermarket. The man was motivated by hate, and should NEVER have had access to weapons of war,” read the email, which purported to be from Fred Guttenberg, a parent of one of the victims of the 2018 Parkland, Fla. high school shooting.

“I’m angry. I’m angry with the NRA. And I’m angry with the politicians who refuse to keep us safe so they can cash their checks from the gun lobby,” continued the email, which was also shared by Romano. “Can I please ask you to chip in a few dollars, of any amount, to help Brady PAC defeat the NRA and every politician who takes their blood money?” 


In a second screenshot, the email asked readers again “to chip in just $5 so Brady PAC can defeat every last politician who takes the NRA’s blood money.”

The email included buttons to automatically donate $5, $25, $50, $100, $250, or “other” amounts.

Brady PAC did not respond to a request for comment by The Post.  

Swalwell’s email, which Breitbart reported was sent out Monday, accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of using racist language allegedly “borrowed” by the Buffalo shooter. 

“We’ve known for a while now that Tucker uses racism to his advantage, stirring up fear and outrage to attract people to his white supremacist propaganda show,” the email reads. “What this latest shooting shows is that his rhetoric has consequences beyond his ratings. Will you sign on and hold him accountable for his reprehensible rhetoric?” 

The message then includes a button labeled “CONDEMN TUCKER” which takes readers to a separate page where they can sign a “petition” titled “SIGN ON: CONDEMN TUCKER CARLSON’S RACIST RHETORIC!” The page is paid for by “Swalwell for Congress.” 

Everytown for gun safety
Everytown for Gun Safety sent a fundraising email saying the group needs donations to combat white supremacy and guns.
Everytown for Gun Safety

After filling out the information, users are then taken to another page where they are urged to “rush a donation to have Eric’s back while he fights for us in Washington.”


Supporters are encouraged to donate up to $2,800. 

In a statement responding to questions from The Post, Swalwell said: “I’m not counting on thoughts and prayers anymore to save my kids and America’s kids from the next mass shooting. I’m working overtime to beat every Republican who sides with mass shooters over our children. And that includes gathering signatures to build an army of gun safety voters. Why didn’t you sign?”

It is not uncommon for lawmakers or organizations to take advantage of tragic current events. 

Last week, Rep. Kat Cammack posted a message on Facebook about the baby formula shortage, while linking to the Republican fundraising site WinRed. 

Buffalo shooting
Ten people were killed in the mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket.
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Following a March 2021 shooting in Colorado, vocal gun-advocate Rep. Lauren Boebart also turned to fundraising. 

“I told Beto [O’Rourke] ‘Hell No’ when he tried to take my guns. Now I am in Congress to tell Joe Biden the same. Will you please help me send them a message by pitching in $10 right now?” the email read, according to Vanity Fair. “They want to defund our police. Then they want to take our guns. What do we think comes next? We cannot lose this right. Please help me stand up to the radical gun-grabbing left.”