House of Representatives staffers get Peloton memberships: report

And just like that … taxpayers are on the hook for congressional staffers’ Peloton memberships.

Starting Wednesday, an estimated 10,000 House of Representatives aides and 2,300 Capitol Police officers will receive Peloton All-Access and Peloton app memberships at no cost to them, according to Fox Business.

A source familiar with the matter told the outlet that the contract with the fitness company — best known for its seemingly omnipresent exercise bikes that featured in a notorious episode of the “Sex and the City” sequel — includes a $10,000 up-front payment as well as a recurring charge of $10 per month for each staffer who takes advantage of the plan, potentially costing taxpayers up to $120,000 a month. 

An email from the House Office of the Chief Administrative Office (CAO) obtained by the outlet outlined what it called the “premier employee benefit.”

Under the plan, users will “have access to thousands of live and on-demand classes, across multiple disciplines, that are available for streaming across multiple devices and require no purchase of Peloton equipment.”

Politico first reported the updated benefits on Thursday. Peloton confirmed the plan to Fox Business, saying “the US House of Representatives is extending Peloton Corporate Wellness to all House staff and Capitol police.” 

The contract with Peloton could potentially cost taxpayers up to $120,000 a month. 
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It is not uncommon for companies or businesses to provide employees with various wellness benefits, such as access to staff gyms or discounted workout classes. 

Members of Congress have long had access to a gym — which as of 2011 cost House members $20 per month and senators $40 per month, according to ABC News. The money went toward a fund for equipment replacement and purchase. It is not clear whether House staff or Capitol Police officers were given access to those facilities.

The Office of the CAO did not immediately respond to The Post’s inquiry about the benefit.


Currently, a Peloton All-Access Membership costs $39 per month, while an app membership only costs $12.99 per month. 

Members of Congress have long had access to a gym, but it is not clear whether House staff or Capitol Police officers were given access to those facilities.
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However, starting in June, the company will be raising its all-access membership price to $44 per month in the US. Canadian users will also see a hike from $49 to $55 per month

In recent days, the fitness company has seen a drastic plunge in its share price after chief executive Barry McCarthy admitted to investors this week that Peloton is “thinly capitalized” for the size of its business.