Facebook won’t tell users if they were part of massive data leak

Facebook won't tell users if they were part of massive data leak

With “friends” like these…

Facebook has not notified the more than half-billion users who were affected by a 2019 data leak — and has no plans to do so, a company spokesman said Wednesday.

The leaks of 530 million users’ information — obtained by the misuse of a feature at the time, was first revealed last week by Business Insider.

Phone numbers and other details from user profiles were obtained by “malicious actors” that were “scraping” profiles using a vulnerability in a contact syncing tool, Facebook said Tuesday.


The social network said it had fixed the issue in September 2019.

Thirty-two million of the affected users were in the US, but no financial information or passwords were stolen, the outlet reported.

Facebook reached a landmark agreement with the US Federal Trade Commission in 2019 that requires the company to report breaches affecting 500 or more users, following a massive data leak to the political research firm Cambridge Analytica.

The company was now in contact with regulators, it said Wednesday.

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