Man whose brother was killed by illegal immigrant blasts Biden

A California man whose brother was murdered by an illegal immigrant attacked the Biden administration for refusing to acknowledge the crisis at the southern border.

“We absolutely have a crisis,” Jody Jones said on “Fox & Friends.” “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s not a cow, it’s a duck. So don’t sit there and tell me there’s not a crisis down at the border, because there is.”

Jones’ brother, Rocky Jones, was shot and killed in 2018 by Gustavo Garcia, who went on a 24-hour crime spree in Tulare County that left Jones dead and six others injured.

Garcia, who was deported in 2014 and had a lengthy rap sheet, was arrested just days before but released thanks to California’s “sanctuary state” law that barred law enforcement officials from contacting US Immigration and Custom Enforcement.

“He was murdered by Gustavo Garcia,” Jones said of his late 51-year-old brother. “He was an illegal immigrant. He was a criminal. He was deported twice before. The second time, he actually did federal time. He was arrested two days prior for being under the influence.”

Rocky JonesRocky Jones was 51 when he was shot dead.
Fox News

Jones cited Customs and Border Protection data released last month that agents encountered 71 percent more illegal immigrants at the southern border since February.

He also blasted the Golden State’s proposed bill AB 937, which he claimed would make it “impossible” to deport illegal immigrant convicted of crimes.

“Getting caught with pounds methamphetamines, weapons on them, firearms, nothing’s happening to them. I mean they’re doing literally hours in jail and getting released,” Jones said. “When you’re protecting [illegal immigrants] you stop protecting our community.”

The Biden administration has been struggling to handle the swell of migrants — including an unprecedented number of unaccompanied minors — leading to cramped holding facilities and other problems.

“All you hear is law enforcement agencies screaming for help and there’s nothing being done,” Jones said.

Jody Jones and gustavo garcia
Jody Jones’ (left) brother, Rocky Jones, was shot and killed in 2018 by Gustavo Garcia.
Fox News; Tulare County Sheriff