Convicted serial killer Joseph Duncan dies of brain cancer on death row in Indiana

A man who was charged for terrorizing one family from Idaho-torturing and then murdering one boy after killing his mom, brother and her mother’s boyfriend- has passed away due to brain cancer, said the officials.

Joseph Duncan, who was ordered a death sentence back in 2008, breathed his last on Sunday at the Terra haute Federal Correctional Institute, as per a statement issued by the United States Justice Department.

The doctors diagnosed him with Stage Four brain cancer.

In May 2005, Duncan had killed 9-year-old Dylan Groene’s brother Slade, his mother Dylan Groene as well as his mother’s boyfriend named Mark Mckenzie in their house.


Duncan had then kidnapped Dylan along with his sister, took them to Lolo National Forest, Montana, tortured the two and killed the boy.

He was arrested post the girl was found at one Denny’s restaurant in July 2005, said the officials.

Later, in 2006, Duncan had pleaded guilty to murdering the family in the state court; however his sentencing remained pending for the crimes he committed against both the young kids. In December 2007, he pleaded guilty to these crimes as well.


Meanwhile, Duncan admitted to killing two girls as well in 1996 at Washington DC; however he was never prosecuted because of the court sentences he’d received already.