New Brunswick woman, 30, faked birth certificate to attend HS: cops

A New Jersey woman pushing 30 years old allegedly faked her way into a New Brunswick high school before school officials realized she was years too late for the senior prom.

Hyejeong Shin, 29, is accused of showing a forged birth certificate to school officials to attend classes with teenagers at New Brunswick High School, according to authorities. New Brunswick Superintendent of Schools Aubrey Johnson informed the district’s school board at a Tuesday meeting the woman attended classes for four days.

While she attended some classes, most of her time was spent with guidance counselors trying to get more information on her, Johnson said during the meeting that was posted online by news outlet New Brunswick Today.

“Authorities were immediately notified and the individual in question has now been arrested for providing false documentation,” Johnson said as he urged students not to contact her.

“This is an unfortunate event,” he also said. “Communication has been provided to the parents of individuals that the young lady may have come into contact with and communication was also provided to all high school parents today.”


New Brunswick Superintendent of Schools Aubrey Johnson revealed the woman attended the high school during a Tuesday meeting.
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Shin, who lives in New Brunswick, was charged Tuesday with a count of providing a false government document with the intent to verify one’s identity or age.

Authorities alleged she showed the fake birth certificate “with the intent to enroll as a juvenile high-school student.”

Police said New Jersey school districts must immediately enroll a student without a guardian and even without all the typical paperwork, per state law.

New Brunswick High School in New Jersey.
The woman was able to get into the high school using a fake document, authorities alleged.
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A group of students reportedly attended the Tuesday board meeting to voice their concerns about the unnerving situation.


“We feel so unsafe and nobody wants to listen to us,” student Ethan Calderon told New Brunswick Today. “Do they not care about us because we’re minorities?”

A parent told News 12 New Jersey she was concerned because there’s no clear reason why the adult wanted to go back to high school.

“It happened last week and that’s concerning. As parents, we are the last ones to know what’s going on, and we should be the first ones,” mother Yaritza Arroyo said, according to the news station.

“Our children are in school and we send them there hoping and praying that they are safe — and they aren’t.”