Top city school cancels plan to scrap accelerated math classes after parent backlash

It just didn’t add up.

A top city middle school has backtracked on plans to get rid of accelerated math courses after a ferocious parental outcry this week.

Lab Middle School for Collaborative studies announced it would still teach high-end arithmetic after principal Megan Adams first told families last Sunday that the 7th and 8th-grade courses would be discontinued next year.

“I know this is a change,” she wrote last weekend, as first reported in The Post. “I assure you that this decision was not made lightly.”

But after parents ripped the plan, Adams officially reversed course in a Friday afternoon update.

“Based on feedback and questions we received over the past several days, we have decided to continue offering our Accelerated Math Courses for the coming year,” she wrote in an email.

Lab Middle School for Collaborative studies announced it would still teach high-end arithmetic
Lab Middle School reversed its plan because of parental protest.
William Farrington

Former Lab math teacher Maggie Feurtado — who founded the school’s advanced math model a decade ago — lauded the school’s decision.


“I think this is a very positive development,” she said. “Especially for the kids. I think they made this decision because of the outcry. The parents were very upset.”

Lab students have the option of taking a test to determine eligibility for advanced math classes in the 7th and 8th grades.

Feurtado said the option allowed for highly proficient kids to test their intellectual limits and learn in an appropriately challenging environment.

A Lab mom celebrated the school’s decision and said it was a testament to the power of parental volume.


“In the end, these are our kids,” she said. “Parents need to start acting like it and get involved and loud.”

Lab was the second city school to nullify an unpopular academic decision in recent weeks due to parental protest.

LaGuardia HS nixed a push to reduce the number of AP classes next year after parents at the famed performing arts school denounced the move.