NY yanks license of shrink after reports of sexual remarks, fondling

A pervy Long Island psychiatrist made inappropriate sexual remarks to female patients — and in one revolting instance allegedly fondled himself during a session with one of them, according to state records.

The state Board for Professional Medical Conduct yanked Dr. Arnold Mandelstam’s license last month after finding him “guilty of serious acts of misconduct and violating the sanctity of the physician patient relationship,” records show.

Mandelstam, 69, who lives in Hollis, Queens, had an office in Woodbury and had been a voluntary psychiatrist at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in his home borough.

One long-term patient of Mandelstam’s told a disciplinary committee that during a session in Mary 2017, the shrink asked her questions of a “more sexual nature” including whether she and her husband “do anything weird or anything kinky,” state records show.

Dr. Mandelstam reportedly made sexual remarks to a patient.
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The doctor, who was sitting opposite her, was “slumped” down in his chair with his hand in his pocket and “had an obvious erection and was rubbing his penis through his pants while he asked me these questions,” the woman testified.

She said she went to her car after the session and was “hysterical” and discontinued treatment with Mandelstam.


Another patient said she ended treatment in 2009 after Mandelstam made sexual comments including “You like to f–k, don’t you?” He also spoke about his own sex life and said he wasn’t very attracted to his wife, records show.

Mandelstam denied to the hearing committee that he masturbated in front of a patient or made remarks about his wife.

“Dr. Mandelstam maintains his innocence and vigorously denies the validity of the recent findings. He intends to exonerate himself during the appeals process. He looks forward to being able to return to work caring for his patients,” said Jordan Fensterman, Mandelstam’s lawyer.