Rep. Stefanik says GOP ‘Commitment to America’ plan a boon for NY

New York’s top House Republican Elise Stefanik said the party’s “Commitment to America” pledge will boost the Big Apple and the Empire State by helping tackle crime and providing more educational opportunities to students.

Stefanik spoke about the newly unveiled GOP platform in a Friday interview with The Post, listing several of its core components, namely support for law enforcement and a “crack down” on liberal prosecutors.

“We are focused on providing resources for 200,000 more police officers across the country to counter the Democrats’ call for defunding the police,” said Stefanik, the House GOP Conference leader who represents the North Country.

Stefanik said the push for more cops and the GOP’s pro-law enforcement agenda will help New York City, the nation’s largest municipality, and the NYPD, tackle crime.

She also said prosecutors who don’t enforce the law will face the wrath of Republicans, if the GOP wrests control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections.

The GOP plan pushes for more cops.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

“We are going to crack down on prosecutors and district attorneys like [Manhattan DA] Alvin Bragg who refuse to prosecute crimes,” Stefanik said.

She said the GOP will target New York State’s controversial cashless bail law and “stop bail reform from spreading to other states.”

Elsewhere, she said parental rights and choice — including promoting and expanding charter schools — will be a top priority.

Stefanik noted the plan to promote and expand charter schools.
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“The Democrats did a fundamental disservice to our kids with school closures that led to learning loss during the pandemic,” she said.


“Democrats in Albany also crushed charter school expansion and parental choice. That’s why Republicans are doing better with Black, Hispanic and Asian voters.”

The GOP pledge vows to expand parental choice to 1 million more students via charter schools and home schooling as alternatives to traditional public schools.

In addition, Stefanik said Republicans will have “subpoena power” to get to the bottom of what really transpired during the COVID-19 outbreak, including circumstances that contributed to the deaths of more than 15,000 frail, elderly residents in nursing homes when Andrew Cuomo was governor.