Teacher finds machete outside Brooklyn elementary school

Teacher finds machete outside Brooklyn elementary school

A teacher discovered a massive machete stashed just outside a public school this week in Brooklyn, sources told The Post.

The educator spotted the roughly 15-inch blade, along with a sheath, Wednesday along a second-floor terrace at PS 398 in East New York.

The staffer alerted school safety agents, who confiscated the blade.

It was not immediately known if a student, staffer or someone outside the school ditched the machete, sources said.

Public School 398 — which also houses PS 770 — does not have metal detectors, an NYPD source noted.

“Usually, when you find a weapon just outside a school, it’s at a school with scanning,” the source said. “So it’s unusual that this was found at a non-scanning school. But I guess a machete is hard to hide either way.”


“This item was found outside the gate to the school in an area accessible to the public and was immediately reported to the NYPD for investigation,” said DOE spokesman Nathaniel Styer. “No students came into contact with it and we are increasing patrols in the area out of an abundance of caution.”

Deputy Chief Olufunmilola Obe warned of an uptick in weapons recoveries in a memo last month.

“The undersigned has observed an increase in the amount of weapons and dangerous instruments recovered on school grounds,” she wrote, adding that the uptick likely stemmed from the reopening city high schools.


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