Moment NYC firefighter gets leg crushed after SUV tips over

This is the horrifying moment a New York City firefighter has his leg crushed after an SUV suddenly tipped over, trapping him as he tried to stabilize the vehicle after a crash.

The injured firefighter, Ryan Warnock, remained hospitalized in serious but stable condition on Monday — a day after the gruesome accident unfolded, an NYFD spokesman told The Post.

Footage of the ordeal shows Warnock and other first responders trying to steady the off-kilter black SUV after it crashed and came to rest on top of a white Volvo in Midtown Manhattan on Sunday afternoon.

Warnock could be seen leaning into the SUV as his teammate prepared a yellow beam to help brace the slightly overturned vehicle so they could rescue the trapped occupants.

Seconds later, the video shows the SUV suddenly rolling forward and tipping onto its side — crushing the firefighter underneath.

An NYC firefighter had his leg crushed when an SUV tipped over on top of him.
NYC firefighter gets leg crushed in Midtown accident
First responders attempted to stabilize the vehicle after it crashed and came to a stop.

Horrified onlookers could be heard screaming as Warnock’s leg snapped and he became trapped.

Fire officials said the driver of one of the crashed vehicles had “hit the gas,” causing the SUV to lurch forward and fall.

The occupants of the Volvo, Matthew Wahn and his wife, Randi, were uninjured in the ordeal.

NYC firefighter gets leg crushed in Midtown accident
Firefighter Ryan Warnock was left in serious condition after the vehicle lurched on top of his leg.
NYC firefighter gets leg crushed in Midtown accident
The accident was caused by one of the drivers hitting the gas and causing the car to move forward, according to fire officials.

Wahn, 62, told The Post that he and his wife were en route to a dinner when the SUV rammed into them from behind at West 42nd Street and 11th Avenue.

“We felt a huge car hit us from behind — he drove up the side of our car,” Wahn recalled.

“The fireman tried climbing into their car and the weight of the fireman turned the car over and his leg got badly hurt so they took him away. The man and his son were still in the car while this happened.”

The driver of the SUV hasn’t been identified.