Shannan Gilbert 911 calls released in Gilgo Beach case

Suffolk County police released a trio of 911 calls Friday from the night Shannan Gilbert went missing in the Gilgo Beach area more than a decade ago — providing some insight into her final moments.

A troubled and confused Gilbert repeatedly claims to dispatchers early on May 1, 2010, “something is going to happen to me” and pleads with two men, “Please get me out of here… I just want to go home.”

Gibert, a Craigslist sex worker from Jersey City, NJ, was out on Long Island that night meeting a client, Joseph Brewer, at his home in the Oak Beach Association with her driver, Michael Pak, police said.

At one point Gilbert started acting “irrationally” and Brewer asked Pak to have her leave, which appears to be when she made the 911 calls.

“Please stop it. What are you going to do to me?” she says as a dispatcher repeatedly asks where was she calling from.

Shanann Gibert, a Craigslist sex worker from Jersey City, went missing in 2010.

“I’m on Long Island,” Gilbert says numerous times, but was confused as to why she was in the man’s house.

“There’s somebody after me I don’t know where I am. I am inside a house. I don’t know where I am. Can you trace where I am?” Gibert says on the call.

“These people are trying to kill me,” she says at one point, to which a man, responds playfully, “shut up,” and laughs.

She eventually ran from the house and knocked on several doors in the neighborhood, interacting with two neighbors, before disappearing, cops said.

Both neighbors also called police and could be heard in 911 calls reporting that they saw the troubled woman. One man said she looked like a 14-year-old child, a woman said she was afraid to let her into her home.

As police scoured the nearby area for Gilbert’s body, they discovered the dumping grounds of a serial killer or killers with the remains of nine others, seven women, a man and a toddler,

While the details of how Gilbert disappeared were unclear, detectives believe her death was an “unfortunate accident” and not connected to the Gilgo Beach murders. Investigators believe there may be between 10 and 16 victims of the area’s possible serial killer homicides, half of which apparently worked as prostitutes, cops said.

Suffolk County police search through the  marsh in Dec. 2011.
Suffolk County police search through the marsh in Dec. 2011.

“Based on the evidence, the facts, and the totality of the circumstances, the prevailing opinion in Shannan’s death, while tragic, was not a murder and was most likely noncriminal,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said at a news conference Friday, according to ABC7.

Police also said they interviewed Brewer and Pak and determined they were not responsible for Gilbert’s death.

Harrison, the former Chief of Department at the NYPD, has renewed focus on hunting down the Long Island serial killer since taking over the Suffolk department, creating a new task force and releasing additional evidence in hopes it will develop new leads.

Detectives believe Gilbert's death was an "unfortunate accident" and not connected to the Gilgo Beach murders.
Detectives believe Gilbert’s death was an “unfortunate accident” and not connected to the Gilgo Beach murders.

The Gilbert family sued for the release of the calls in 2020 with a judge later only ordering cops to turn over the recordings to the family.

Harrison promised to release the tapes after taking the county’s top cop spot in January.