Biden considering gun control executive orders, Psaki says

US President Joe Biden is thinking of potential gun control executive orders post the extensive shooting which killed ten people in Colorado’s Boulder, said Jen Psaki, press secretary, White House on Tuesday.

In an interview, Psaki said that the admin is considering an array of levers, which includes working via legislation, together with the executive action.

The White House presently is thinking of orders required to conduct background check for the ghost guns which can be produced at home sans any serial numbers as well as the need that the local police be informed if any individual fails the background check to purchase a firearm from registered dealers, as per the recent reports.


The executive orders that are still under consideration are not necessarily applicable upon the latest mass shootings that occurred at Boulder or the killing or 8 people previous week in the Atlanta massage parlours.

Biden warranted the gun control executive orders on Tuesday in one speech at White House; however major reforms are not likely to be passed by the Senate, where sixty votes are generally required for passing a bill.

Notably, 35 Senate Democrats launched legislation in March to ban the assault weapons, which includes famous semi-automatic guns like the AR-15-style rifles.