McConnell defends remarks on racial history of Senate filibuster

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) walks to the Senate floor at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S. February 8, 2021. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

As the Republicans presently work towards preserving the sixty-vote threshold of the Senate for majority legislation, Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader, on Tuesday, made a case that the legislation must be measured through its origin and not the instances for which it was utilized to sustain racism.

In a speech, McConnell argued that the Democrats are making the most of racism in their effort to abolish or overhaul the filibuster. He pointed towards the origin of the rule as not being sowed in the race-based legislations. The historians have claimed that the rule was not created for protecting discriminatory laws; however that it somehow was linked with the segregationists for more than one century.


Drug Andres, McConnell’s spokesperson then tried to clear the remarks of the Kentucky Republican. In a tweet, Andres said that theMcConnell referred to the Senate filibuster’s origin when he stated that there isn’t a debate going on amid the historians on racial history.

In an interview with Axios the previous week, Senator Elizabeth Warren said that legislative filibuster that needs sixty votes of the Senate to finish the debate on one bill has ‘deep roots’ in racism. On the other hand, Senator Edward Markey went on to say through a tweet that the rule was made so that the slave owners can exercise power on the government.


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