Apple Watch can monitor the frailty of cardiovascular patients at home

Apple Watch can monitor the frailty of cardiovascular patients at home

The Apple Watch might be a significant health monitoring tool under right circumstances. As per MacRumors and MyHealthyApple, the Stanford scientists funded by the iPhone maker have found that Apple Watch accurately gauges the frailty of heart disease diseases when they are at home. The smartwatch usage nearly matched an in-clinic diagnosis, revealed Standford’s study.

Researchers gathered the information using Apple Watch Series 3 as well as a specially-developed app called VascTrac; however the 3rd party software probably will not be necessary in future. The WatchOS 7 includes 6-min walk test as well as other mobility information and the users can review their performance using the Health mobile app on iPhone.


The study findings indicate that Apple Watch as well as the other smartwatches in the market could potentially save a patient who has trouble visiting a doctor to diagnose functional capacity. Instead, they can just walk around their house and visit a doctor if they notice any trouble signs. This helps Apple to continue pitching its smartwatch as a good health device. However, this also indicates at having a future where technology you own could offer doctors an abundance of productive data which can help treat you effectively in case of signs of trouble.


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