Europe is starting to freak out about the launch dominance of SpaceX

Europe is starting to freak out about the launch dominance of SpaceX

The European Space Agency, over a week ago, had announced its initiative of studying the future space transportation solutions. The agency, basically, had offered around $600,000 each to Rocket Factory Augsburg, Avio and ArianeGroup for studying the launch systems starting 2030.

The agency’s initiative will let Europe understand as well as prepare for future space launch, informed ESA’s director of space transportation, Daniel Neuenschwander. It offers a foundation that enables the agency to plan the future beyond Vega-C and Ariane 6, he added.

It’s expected that the next-gen rocket of Europe, the Vega-C and Ariane 6 will suffice the country’s launch requirements of near future.


The economic ministers in Italy and France have now arrived at the conclusion that there is a major change in launch market since the year 2014, when Vega-C and Ariane 6 rockets were initially designed. As per a report, the ministers think that the ability of these rockets to fight against commercial satellite launch agreements has essentially declined since then. And the cause behind this is the low-cost, reusable Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX. Due to its partnership with the US space agency NASA, SpaceX now can launch astronauts.

It’s due to this reason that the Italian and French ministers are asking Europe to provide a major technological response to the growth of SpaceX.




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