Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

When Apple launched its MacBook Pro redesign back in the year 2016, the iPhone maker didn’t know that it would get sued later on for it. The company is already underway a class-action suit because of its disputable butterfly keyboards, and now it seems that there will another lawsuit filed for its fragile display cables.

Judge Edward Davila took the decision to allow the flexgate suit go ahead, ruling out that the company should’ve known they would fail and still continued selling them somehow.

The court discovered that allegations of the pre-release trials along with allegations of significant customer complaints filed are enough to prove that the iPhone maker had knowledge of these alleged defects, wrote the judge.


A major part of the flexgate debate revolves around how the company dealt with the issue at the time it was first publicize in 2018. Apple first swapped a slightly longer cable in newer MacBooks and just opened a free repair initiative after 15,000 users penned a petition. Apple has been very responsive with these issues since, like with its free battery replacement initiative for a handful of 2016-17 MacBook Pros that didn’t charge anymore.

The flexgate suit does not seem to be a class-action suit like the butterfly keyboard one. However, there are none distinct plaintiffs lined in this case now, with the judge inviting them for submitting one new altered complaint.


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