Young Bucks Threaten to Delete Their Twitter Account, Warn the AEW Fans

Following their heel turn on AEW Dynamite this week (4/7/21), AEW Tag Team Champions Young Bucks issued a notice to their fans. They said they will delete their Twitter account again if there was negativity in the comments.

On the final event of Dynamite, The Young Bucks and Jon Moxley faced AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers. The Bucks super kicked Moxley and joined Omega’s faction, much to the fans’ dismay.

Following the show, The Bucks issued a statement addressing toxicity and negativity on their social media. They said, “Please refrain from any negative or toxic comments in our mentions tonight. If so, we’ll, unfortunately, delete our Twitter account again. Thank you. Have a great night.”

The Tag Team Champions have been heel before turning face. Now, they have joined Omega’s stable to cause some more mayhem in AEW against Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

The Young Bucks quit Twitter two years ago

The brothers, Matt and Nick Jackson, are not only the AEW Tag Team Champions but also the EVPs of the company. Previously, they quit social media as it was consuming their lives.


They told sporting news, “Things like that, the negativity? We’ve been getting it our entire career, and it’s funny that people pointed to that situation,” Nick Jackson said. “That was far from the truth beca use we could care less. I had no clue there is even outrage about the Dark Order punch thing until Brandon Cutler told us at a Christmas party that Twitter was going nuts, and we’re like, ‘What? Really?’


Apart from the negativity, social media was consuming the brothers’ live. Nick said how he could not give time to his family before he was so engrossed in the virtual world.

“That platform helped us get to where we were. But at this point, we didn’t need it anymore. We got what we needed out of it. And that that was it. Another reason was, we were spending too much time on it,” Nick said, “While we were home, we would be reading things about us, good or bad.”

They also said the break helped their creativity, and they could focus more. Although it is unlikely that they will leave Twitter again, there are surely some ‘strong’ fan reactions. Let us know your thoughts on their heel turn in the comments below.

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