‘It’s Bound to Happen One Day’- Demetrious Johnson Releases Statement After ONE Championship Loss

Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson released a video on social media after his loss at ONE on TNT. ‘Mighty Mouse’ was knocked out by sitting champion Adriano Moraes at 02:24 of the second round. The upset loss sent shock waves through the MMA community as ‘DJ’ has looked nothing short of invincible in his career.

In fact, Johnson’s KO loss to Moraes marks the first time he’s ever been stopped in MMA across 34 fights. This feat is extremely impressive, especially when considering the kind of opposition he’s faced in his storied career. However, Moraes caught him cleanly and used his imposing size to scalp a win on his resume that will age exceedingly well.

Looking at Johnson’s three-fight win streak in ONE Championship, many assumed that picking up the title was a foregone conclusion. However, Adriano Moraes has definitely given fans something to think about.

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Demetrious Johnson opens up on his KO loss.

Johnson candidly opened up about his defeat and was seemingly champing at the bit to analyze footage of his fight. Furthermore, Johnson, who competes at 135-pounds in ONE championship, recognized that size played a factor in his loss. Regardless of the nuances, Demetrious Johnson made it abundantly clear that he’s itching to make a comeback.


“First off, I want to thank everyone’s support and my teammates. Sh*itty day in the office. I watched the fight three times, I thought it was going good. Just trying to cross that distance. We knew that was going to be the biggest obstacle course facing Adriano Moraes for how big he is.

“When you’re in this game long enough it’s bound to happen one day right? I’m healthy, I feel good. Thank you to all the fans who supported out there, to ONE Championship for the opportunity. Thank you to Adriano Moraes for the fight but you know, we’ll be back.”


Demetrious Johnson has now lost to three natural 135-pounders in his career, and this is telling about his small stature. Moreover, he’s faced issues with the shovel uppercut, which once again was his undoing against Moraes. However, Johnson is one of the best fighters in the world for a reason and will be adept at making the necessary changes.

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