‘I Apologize Honestly’ – Eddie Alvarez Releases Statement After ONE Championship Disqualification

Eddie Alvarez returned to the cage after a long time. The fighter’s return was highly anticipated, and fans were eager to see their favorite fighter back in action.

However, Alvarez’s return did not go as planned, as he was disqualified after the referee deemed certain punches illegal. Alvarez was returning to the cage after almost 2 years. Therefore, this fight against Iuri Lapicus was a great opportunity for him to get back in title contention.

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The fight ended really quickly after the referee stopped the match, following what he thought were punches to the back of the head. After the match ended in a disqualification, Alvarez showed concern for his fellow fighter and talked about the incident.

Iuri was turning his head the other way, and the ref warned me. He said to me, ‘Back of the head Eddie’, so you see me take my hand and start shoving his head toward my punch. As long as it’s the ear, it’s legal, but you guys put me in a cage, the referee’s here, whatever call he makes- I apologize.”


Eddie Alvarez prays for Iuri Lapicus

After the fight ended, Alvarez got emotional and tried to explain what he thought happened.

“I hope Iuri is totally fine because this game is so dangerous, and all I care about is that everybody in here sincerely is safe and can go back to their family when they’re done. I’m praying for Iuri but you put me in a cage, I don’t know what to do in here. I’m trying to survive. You gotta respect the ref’s call, but I’m doing my best in here. Prayers go out to Iuri right now.”

Alvarez has been competing at the highest level for more than a decade. He knows how tough it can get inside the ring. MMA is not a joke, people get hurt inside the cage, and Alvarez knows that. Therefore, after the fight, he just wanted to check on his opponent.


“I apologize, honestly, I just jeep thinking of Iuri on a stretcher because I’ve been on that side before and it’s kind of messing me up. I just gotta know Iuri’s fine.”

Whether the referee’s decision was right is something that Alvarez wants to challenge. But what was heartwarming to see was Alvarez’s genuine concern about Lapicus and how he told everyone to pray for the fighter.

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