“S**t I’ll Try Some”- Bugha Open to Switch to Valorant if Fortnite Competitive Dies Out

Epic Games is struggling to ensure competitive players keep playing Fortnite events. Many pros are upset with how tournaments work, the slow dynamics of the game, and the controller dominance. Amidst all of this, Riot’s FPS game Valorant has been poaching competitive players from Fortnite. One of these could possibly be the FNCS Solo Champ Bugha.

ONE37pm’s Aaron ‘Don’ Dukes recently hosted Bugha on his ‘Inside the Screen’ podcast. The duo discussed the Fortnite scene at length on the podcast. Moreover, they also talked about longevity in eSports. Finally, they ended by talking about the champ’s future plans with regards to Fortnite.

The Fortnite champ has been dabbling a bit in Valorant recently. Therefore, Aaron asked Bugha what he thought about the upcoming competitive shooter. After the Sentinels pro confessed that he uses Jett and Reyna, the host admitted that he could see his guest switching over to Valorant.

To Aaron’s surprise, even Bugha saw himself switching over to Riot’s FPS game. However, there was definitely a catch. He won’t abandon the game that helped him rise to fame and make him what he is right now.

From breaks to competitive, what would it take for Bugha to switch to Valorant?


The FNCS Solos champ is confident that he can switch over to other competitive games anytime he wishes. However, he is still dedicated to Fortnite as long as he keeps getting something in return. At a point in time where being in the Fortnite competitive scene would no longer be profitable for Bugha, he could make the move to Valorant.

I feel like I’ll always have those ‘gamer genetics’ where I can just play another game. I’ll put in the time and be good at whatever I play. Like I said, if Fortnite were to ever die out, s**t, I’ll try some!

Clearly, Bugha has everything it takes to make it big in Valorant too. Moreover, he is already on the Sentinels Fortnite roster. The Valorant roster of sentinels has been dominating the NA scene currently, and the champ could be a valuable addition to the team.


For those wondering how long they will have to wait to see Bugha play competitive Valorant, it’s just a matter of a couple more years.

I think casual Fortnite could be around for a long time, but with competitive Fortnite, the players get really mad about any new weapon being added! I still want to be a competitive player if not in Fortnite, then somewhere else.

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