Steve Belichick doesn’t sound too happy about becoming a meme

Steve Belichick doesn’t seem too enthused about his newfound social media fame.

The son of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick — and a longtime defensive coach on his father’s staff — became the subject of a viral meme parade when New England suffered a 19-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Oct. 3.

Fans flooded Twitter with candid, in-game photos that showed Belichick’s animated faces, accompanied by his long mullet haircut — a signature hairstyle he’s been rocking for a while.

“Uh, yeah, I heard about that,” he said Tuesday when asked about the memes.

Patriots coach Steve Belichick went viral on October 3, 2021 after camera’s caught him making weird faces while watching the Patriots-Buccaneers game.

“I saw some of that stuff. I mean, nothing I could do about that. I don’t know. It is what it is. But, yeah, I mean, I don’t know. There were some good ones out there. But I heard about it.”

Belichick added that he learned about fan-driven memes by former Patriots safety Patrick Chung.

“So, he thought it was funny,” Belichick said about Chung. “But yeah, it was an eventful afternoon for the family, so there was a lot going on in my head outside of football. But he understood that, so he kept it lighthearted.”


Belichick joined his father’s staff in 2012, and his younger brother, Brian Belichick also coaches Patriots’ safeties.

New England (2-3) plays host to Dallas (4-1) on Sunday.