‘Heard You’re Looking for a Big Fight’ – Sean O’Malley Calls Out Dominick Cruz for a Fight

Sean O’Malley won his last fight at UFC 260 against Thomas Almeida. The bantamweight fighter is one of the best in the division and is eager to get back into the Octagon. ‘Sugar’ recently posted a video of himself on YouTube, where he called out Dominick Cruz. O’Malley talked about how this fight was perfect for both fighters.

“Sup, Dom? Heard you’re looking for a big fight. Who’s a bigger fight than me right now?” O’Malley asked.

Sean O’Malley is true to a certain aspect as almost every big fighter of the 135-lbs bracket is already busy with something.

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“Cory is about to beat the EPO out of TJ; Rob is about to knock out Cody for the seventh time this year; Petr is disqualified for cheating; Aljo is still knocked out from the knee. Who’s a bigger fight?”

Sean O’Malley clearly believes that he vs Cruz is the biggest fight left and seeing the way the fighters of the division are situated it seems quite right.


Will Dominick Cruz accept Sean O’Malley’s Challenge?

Cruz won his last fight against Casey Kenny at UFC 259, and since then there have been many speculations bout who the MMA veteran will face next. During an interview ‘The Dominator’ talked about if he would fight in 2021 again and if he does will it be against Sean O’Malley.

“Am I interested in fighting in (2021) again? Yes. Do I need to call out one specific person? No. Am I saying no to one specific person? No. And I could also see how that could be a matchup that people are talking about. He feints a lot. Uses his range well. He is tall, he is long. I am tall, I am long. I use feints. We have a lot of similarities.”,

Cruz said.

Whether a fight between Sean O’Malley and Cruz happens is unknown, but if it does, it would be great to watch. The fight happening is a high probability, As Cory Sandhagen is all set to face TJ Dillashaw, while Garbrandt and Font are also scheduled to fight. This leaves O’Malley the best option for Cruz and vice versa.

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