Curious Job Listing Suggests PlayStation Might Make a Move Into the Mobile Gaming Sector

Gaming technology continues to get better as time progresses. Console and PC games now have better visuals, smoother gameplay and faster loading times because of better SSDs. It has even gotten better outside of the PC and console world, with improvements in mobile gaming. Mobile titles can now compete with the best in providing a great playing experience. This makes them a highly sought after market for many of the giants from the industry, including PlayStation.

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PlayStation releases a job listing for the post of Head of Mobile

A new job listing from PlayStation reveals the company’s intentions to get a slice of the mobile gaming market. The listing is for a Head of Mobile position in the company. It also reveals some other details such as the possibility of the console’s popular titles getting adaptations to mobile soon.

The company has a lot of ground to catch up with its rivals, including Xbox. The Microsoft owned gaming conglomerate has already made a stride in improving player experience using mobile devices. Initiatives like the xCloud allows fans to play popular Xbox titles on any mobile device with good internet speed. So far, PlayStation have released no details about a potential integration of PS Now for mobile. Although with a department that specifically looks after the mobile world, fans can expect direct adaptations of a lot of games.


What makes this move so important

This is a huge initiative from the company as the mobile gaming industry is one of the more lucrative ones in the world. In 2021, the mobile market is almost three times the size of its console counterpart. Popular franchises from the console and PC world such as Call of Duty

and many more have already made their presence felt with mobile titles.

Companies such as Tencent’s TiMi studios have made billions with their various titles, beating the likes of Epic and EA for the biggest gaming developer in the world. Porting a console game is really hard, which is why Tencent and many other studios handle a lot of the popular mobile ports. But with PlayStation entering the industry, fans can expect them to oversee a lot of new studios that specifically work on mobile games.