“I Was Really Bummed” – Valkyrae Disappointed About Disguised Toast Not Being Part of the Jimmy Fallon Stream

Among Us caught the gaming world by surprise last year after various streamers made it popular during the pandemic last year. The game’s success reached its peak last week, when popular late night show host, Jimmy Fallon streamed it with various content creators. The stream included popular internet celebrities like Corpse Husband, Valkyrae and Sykkuno.

But the game’s biggest star in Disguised Toast was not part of it, disappointing a lot of fans. His friend and partner in crime, Valkyrae, was also upset, and she gave viewers an explanation about his no-show from the stream.

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Valkyrae bummed about Toast missing out on the Jimmy Fallon Among Us game

While reacting to her Reddit on stream, Valkyrae revealed she felt bad about not seeing Disguised Toast in Jimmy Fallon’s Among Us stream. She also revealed that she wasn’t even supposed to play in the stream originally. However, an invitation from fellow streamer, Corpse Husband, gave her an opportunity to be part of it.

“I was really bummed that Toast wasn’t in the Jimmy Fallon thing. I wasn’t even supposed to play in it.”


Further, she also talked ab out messaging Toast, following the stream to cheer him up. She knew that he was disappointed to not be a part of it. So she texted him saying that he would be her number one pick if she ever got to invite someone for an opportunity like this, which made him feel a lot better.


“I messaged Toast, and I told him, I was like, listen if there is ever an opportunity where I can invite people to play Among Us in like a really cool opportunity, you will be the first person I ask.”

Toast is the face of Among Us

Valkyrae told her viewers about Toast feeling left out while she talked to him on text. She believes him to be the most deserving candidate to be in an event like this. She even considers him to be the face of Among Us, as his entire content revolves around the game.

“In my eyes, I feel like Toast is the face of Among Us, I feel like he is the Among Us king.”

While she is unhappy about him missing a chance like this, she believes that opportunities like this will arrive soon. She later assured her fans that if something like this ever happens again, fans would definitely see Toast in it.

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