Billy Horschel having worst day at Masters after viral clips

Unlucky 13, indeed, for Billy Horschel.

Known as one of the easiest holes at Augusta National Golf Course, the 13th provided a gateway for a couple of misadventures for Horschel in the third round of the Masters.

After his tee shot hooked to the right and landed in some trees, microphones picked up Horschel saying, “What a s–t bounce. What a s–t f—ing bounce.” As the television commentator agreed, “Not the best bounce.”

Horschel’s nightmare round Saturday was textbook frustrated golfer as he also chastised himself and threw his hands in the air a few times.


But he was able to laugh at himself later on the 13th hole.

With his shoes off and his white pants rolled up to knee-length shorts in preparation to hit the ball from water, Horschel slipped down the hill and slid a few feet before popping up on his hands. Sure enough, he got a grass stain on his rear end and broke into a smile.


The happy ending? Horschel saved a par-5 on the hole.