Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nintendo Releases New Collectible Character Cards

Animal Crossing has maintained a strong presence in the trading cards community with character cards and other sets. These things usually contain room designs, characters, and a lot more interesting things. So far, the company has released a Sanrio character cards set that works with Animal Crossing New Horizons. Nintendo has also churned a rather massive collection of 27 cards in Japan last year to celebrate the release of this title.

The massive success of this series 1 of Gummy cards has paved the way for series 2, which Nintendo has recently launched.

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Image Credits: Animal Crossing World

Bandai releases new booster packs for Animal Crossing New Horizons

According to the YouTuber Mayor Mori, the Japanese gaming studio has also released a lucrative booster pack that players can purchase. These things will offer a unique character card and a sweet candy that will be based on Animal Crossing fruit. Every single pack that you purchase will guarantee to yield these two items. Keeping that aside, the studio has also released a series of Gummy cards recently.


This series is very similar to its processor, and will hold a total of 27 unique cards. The character cards in this set are all original, and they will significantly enhance the already massive roster of characters. Players can find 25 new characters in this set and 2 special scene cards that will contain every single villager.

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video source: Mayor Mori

The studio might limit Animal Crossing trading cards to Japan only

These cards come from the Bandai studio, which is also responsible for producing most Animal Crossing cosmetics. This set now puts the grand total of trading cards to 54, and it is quite possible that these will be limited to Japan only. However, there are still many ways using which you can get your hands on these collectible items. Similar to the first series, buyers can use Amazon, eBay, and the rest to purchase these items.


However, these cosmetic items will add nothing to the New Horizons game. Be sure to make a sound decision before making the purchase, as these items are produced for collectible purposes only.

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