Genshin Impact: Should You Invest Original Resins in the Endora Event?

miHoYo has rolled out a new Oceanid event for Genshin Impact, which was teased in the update 1.4 live stream. This highly expected event will offer yet another unique gadget in the form of a pet, and it will be quite similar to the Seelie treasure hunt event. Instead of hunting for treasures, Endora will help you hunt down and capture Oceanid’s conjurations in this event. These units are walking freely on the map, and players will get a chance to look for them each day.

The event also features an amazing boss battle with raging Oceanid, who also goes by the name Rhodeia. At the end of each battle, players will get an option to spend 40 resins or 1 event item to pick up XP Books. This brings us to the most important question; should you invent resins in this event?

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YouTuber shares his thoughts about the new Genshin Impact event

According to Enviosity, the latest event for the title is quite lucrative. It will offer an interesting gadget that could go on to change the game forever. He suggested that the studio could add something similar to the Endora gadget that will allow you to generate elemental reactions. Right now, this gadget allows you to create water bubbles to trap Oceanid conjurations, and this will offer 60 primo gems for clearing each area.


Coming back to the event, the raging Rhodeia fight will offer character XP books for 40 resins. This reward seems quite similar to XP Ley-Lines that already exists in the game. Naturally, this would raise the question of whether it is worth investing in resins or not. Each time players open the reward, they will gain 15 purple XP books as opposed to 13 from Ley-Lines.


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video source: Enviosity

This event is going to last for the next  7 days and each day players can pick up more XP books and companion XP. This roughly translates to gaining a significantly higher number of XP books than the Ley-lines. If you dedicated the entire lot of 160 resins through the week, you can pick up 53 extra XP books.

This is exactly what makes this event special, and players should invest as much resin as they deem workable. The reward for resin expenditure is favorable to players, and it is certainly worth your time.

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