PlayStation 5 Timed Exclusive Deathloop Delayed to September 2021

Arkane Lyon’s upcoming title is suffering the 2020 disease: delay syndrome. PlayStation timed exclusive Deathloop was supposed to launch on May 21, after the first initial delay. However, the devs have announced yet another delay for the upcoming title.

2020 has been the year of game launch delays. The global pandemic left many studios half baked and with developers at home, the situation is understandable. Triple A titles like Halo: Infinite and Cyberpunk 2077 saw indefinite delays. Though CD Projekt RED ultimately launched Cyberpunk 2077, it turned out to be a disaster. Another awaited title, Gran Turismo 7, will not release until 2022.

Quickly, the most awaited game of the year became the most trolled game ever. 343 Industries has still not mustered the courage to provide a decent release date for Halo: Infinite. Now a PlayStation exclusive is suffering the same fate as the other titles.

After suffering one delay that pushed back the game from a 2020 release to 2021, Deathloop is now delayed until September 2021. In the official statement, the studio claims it is currently prioritizing health and safety standards of its workers.

We’re committed to quality and preserving our team’s ambitions for Deathloop while ensuring the health and safety of everyone at Arkane.”

The developers have also promised to utilize this ‘extra time’ to make the game more immersive.

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Deathloop will stay a PlayStation exclusive for a year

Bethesda, the house that will publish Deathloop upon release, announced that the title will remain a PlayStation exclusive. However, Microsoft acquired Bethesda few months back, and players expected that a change will occur in the deal.

Apart from the fact that Deathloop will arrive on Xbox and other platforms after a year, PlayStation’s one-year exclusivity will stand. Therefore, with the current delay, Xbox players will need to wait more before they can play the title.


Players will assume the role of Colt, the central protagonist in the game, stuck in a time loop. This multiplayer experience will also see rival assassin, Julianna, hunt down Colt. There are fantastical elements in the game along with the use of a wide range of weapons.

Apart from PS5, Deathloop will simultaneously release on PC in September 2021. Here’s hoping the title will not suffer from ‘delay syndrome’ anymore this year.

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