Genshin Impact Guide to Wishful Drops Event and Rhodeia’s Rage Challenge

Ever since the arrival of 1.4 update for Genshin Impact, a majority of players have been complaining about the lack of content. While new players still have a lot of exploration to do, veterans can hardly find an exciting challenge in the game.

It seems like miHoYo has tried to change this narrative with the latest Wishful Drops event. It revolves around fighting the Oceanid, who is often considered the toughest boss in the game.

One can take part in the Wishful Drops event only after reaching Adventure Rank 20. There’s a quest named Life Flows On (1), that requires you to talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt, and another NPC in Dawn Winery. In the process, you will finally meet the water creature, Endora. Bring her to Springvale in order to use her as a gadget.

New exploration areas in Genshin Impact

By clicking on the ‘Endora’s Education’ icon, you’ll find a marked location on the map called Sunlit Mountainside. This is one of the five explorations areas that have been introduced with the Wishful Drops event. These exploration areas contain water creatures that resemble the ones spawned by Rhodeia, the Oceanid.

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You can equip Endora as a gadget, and then subsequently use her bubble ability. It will replace your character’s elemental skill, and will trap the water creatures. The challenge will end after you catch at least 15 of such hydro enemies.

In the end, you can talk to Endora and avail 60 primogems, 30,000 mora, and a Heart of the Spring.

How to use the Heart of the Spring

The Heart of the Spring is a great item to save valuable resin. After defeating the Oceanid boss, you can collect Hero’s Wit and other EXP books with it.

It is worth noting that the Rhodeia’s Rage challenge differs from the original Oceanid fight. Instead of fighting the water creatures, you need to fight the Hydro boss directly. She will forward lunge, perform high-impact drops, and release bombs.


After you deplete a majority of her health, Rhodeia becomes even more terrifying and gets these abilities:

  • Water Torrents – Rhodeia creates water pools on the ground that deal damage.
  • Spinning Bomb – The Oceanid spins around and drops on the floor while dealing explosive AoE damage.
  • Fitful Rapids- Rhodeia fires a continuous stream of water on the ground. Rising in the air is the only viable way to evade this attack.

All in all, it is great to witness miHoYo bringing new challenges in Genshin Impact that test the limits of the players. The Childe banner has also gone live, and the community now awaits the 1.5 update for the game.

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