WOW! Trailer for Edge’s Upcoming Documantary Will Give Every WWE Fan Goosebumps

WWE Chronicle has been releasing Superstar documentaries, revealing the entire journey and the obstacles they had to overcome to reach heights within the company. The most recent trailer is the journey of The Rated-R Superstar, Edge.

The trailer shows Edge in his most fierce element, while he talks about the hardships he endured to become the Rated-R Superstar.

Edge’s comeback was one of the most highlighted moments of recent times. Not only did he make a tremendous comeback, but also won the Royal Rumble Men’s match. This victory earned him the opportunity to challenge any of the three champions. Edge challenged WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Apart from becoming the challenger for the WWE Universal Championship title, the Rated-R Superstar turned heel during a SmackDown episode. This heel turn shocked the entire WWE Universe, and his wife, Beth Phoenix.

Keeping his return and heel turn aside, Edge has given the WWE Universe several noteworthy moments. He had an intense segment with former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, he appeared on NXT for a segment with Champion Finn Balor, and he had several segments involving Daniel Bryan.


One of the mostemotional moments since his return was his encounter with Christian at the Royal Rumble 2021 Men’s match. The duo used to dominate WWE back in the day, and their brief union during the match was an overwhelming moment for both Superstars.

Edge prepares to battle at WrestleMania 37

Currently, Edge is preparing to get inside the ring at WrestleMania 37 in a triple threat match with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Universal Championship.

The match was supposed to be just between Reigns and Edge, but Adam Pearce gave Daniel Bryan a fair chance at the Universal Championship title.


In fact, Daniel Bryan could have secured the title at Fastlane 2021 when he almost tapped out Reigns with the Yes Lock. Unfortunately, Edge was the special enforcer of the match, and his interference did not let Bryan emerge victorious.

Moreover, this was the event where the Rated-R Superstar turned heel. He flattened both Reigns and Bryan using a steel chair. It was a brutal sight, but this heel turn has added excitement for the WrestleMania match.

With Reigns and Edge portraying heel, it’ll be an epic battle. Who do you think will come out on top at WrestleMania? Let us know in the comments below.