Paige Spirinac’s April Fools OnlyFans joke led to Instagram scare

Paige Spiranac will likely re-think her April Fool’s Day tactics for 2022 following this year’s unexpected debacle.

During a recent episode of her “Playing A Round” podcast, the golfer-turned-influencer revealed that an OnlyFans tease nearly spelled doom for her Instagram account, where she boasts three million followers.

“I thought it’s April Fools, everyone’s always asking me for an OnlyFans,” Spiranac said of the explicit site, according to The Sun.

“So I’m going to do an April Fool’s and say, ‘Swipe up to subscribe to my OnlyFans.’ And it was a swipe up straight to my towel,” she added of a Masters-inspired towel recently promoted on her account.

Though some of Spiranac’s fanbase got a kick out of the joke, others weren’t pleased, leading the 28-year-old to believe that certain followers had flagged her to Instagram.

“I got a lot of angry messages because they didn’t understand it. So I felt like that was who was reporting it,” Spiranac said, adding she had heard, “You can’t say OnlyFans on Instagram because they’re really strict on that.”


Spiranac recalled how she was unable to access her account, noting a report had said, “You can’t solicit sexual content and you’re reported.”

paige spirinac poses on grass
Some fans didn’t take too kindly to Paige Spirinac’s April Fool’s joke.

Fortunately for Spiranac – who had “never been reported” on in her five years in the business – she was able to right the social media ship.


“I was freaking out, I don’t want my account to be suspended. Luckily we asked Instagram to check if everything would be fine and they said it would,” Spiranac said.

As of Friday, Spiranac is still in action on the ‘gram, sharing videos of her swing while clad in Masters’ green.