NHL Draft picks tracker 2021: Complete list of selections for Rounds 1-7

It’s that time of year again, where NHL clubs and their fans get starry-eyed with the next generation of talent set to don the sweater.

The 2021 NHL Draft kicks off on Friday with the first 31 of 223 selections being announced. (Note: There are technically 224 slots but the Coyotes had to forfeit their first-round pick, although they did get one back.) Questions abound about who will go No. 1, how high the top goalies will go and just how many current NHLers will be switching teams when the dust settles on Saturday.

NHL DRAFT 2021: 10 Storylines to watch | Latest news, rumors on selections, signings & trades

As the 2021 NHL Draft plays out, Sporting News is tracking all the picks and keeping up with the results in real-time. Below are all of the picks.

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NHL Draft picks 2021: Results from Rounds 1-7

111Buffalo SabresOwen Power, D, University of Michigan (NCAA)
122Seattle KrakenMatty Beniers, C, University of Michigan (NCAA)
133Anaheim DucksMason McTavish, C, Peterborough Petes (OHL)
144New Jersey DevilsLuke Hughes, D, USNTDP (UHL)
155Columbus Blue JacketsKent Johnson, F, University of Michigan (NCAA)
166Detroit Red WingsSimon Edvinsson, D, Frolunda (SHL)
177San Jose Sharks
188Los Angeles Kings
199Arizona Coyotes (from Vancouver Canucks)
11010Ottawa Senators
11111Forfeited pick
11212Columbus Blue Jackets (Chicago Blackhawks)
11313Calgary Flames
11414Buffalo Sabres (from Philadelphia Flyers)
11515Dallas Stars
11616New York Rangers
11717St. Louis Blues
11818Winnipeg Jets
11919Nashville Predators
12020Edmonton Oilers
12121Boston Bruins
12222Minnesota Wild
12323Detroit Red Wings (from Washinton Capitals)
12424Florida Panthers
12525Columbus Blue Jackets (from Toronto Maple Leafs)
12626Minnesota Wild (from Pittsburgh Penguins)
12727Carolina Hurricanes
12828Colorado Avalanche
12929New Jersey Devils (from New York Islanders)
13030Vegas Golden Knights
13131Montreal Canadiens
13232Chicago Blackhawks (from Columbus Blue Jackets via Tampa Bay Lightning)
2133Buffalo Sabres
2234Anaheim Ducks
2335Seattle Kraken
2436Vegas Golden Knights (from New Jersey Devils)
2537Arizona (from Columbus Blue Jackets via Ottawa Senators)
2638Detroit Red Wings
2739Ottawa Senators (from San Jose Sharks)
2840Nashville Predators (from Los Angeles Kings)
2941Vancouver Canucks
21042Ottawa Senators
21143Arizona Coyotes
21244Carolina Hurricanes (from Columbus Blue Jackets via Chicago Blackhawks)
21345Calgary Flames
21446Philadelphia Flyers
21547Dallas Stars
21648Detroit Red Wings (from New York Rangers)
21749Los Angeles (from St. Louis Blues via Buffalo Sabres and Vegas Golden Knights
21850Winnipeg Jets
21951Nashville Predators
22052New York Islanders (from Detroit Red Wings via Edmonton Oilers)
22153Buffalo Sabres (from Boston Bruins)
22254Minnesota Wild
22355Washington Capitals
22456Florida Panthers
22557Toronto Maple Leafs
22658Pittsburgh Penguins
22759Carolina Hurricanes
22860Arizona Coyotes (from New York Islanders via Colorado Avalanche)
22961Colorado Avalanche (from New Jersey Devils via New York Islanders)
23062Chicago Blackhawks (from Vegas Golden Knights)
23163Montreal Canadiens
23264Montreal Canadiens (from Tampa Bay Lightning)
3165New York Rangers (from Buffalo Sabres)
3266Anaheim Ducks
3367Seattle Kraken
3468New Jersey Devils
3569Columbus Blue Jackets
3670Detroit Red Wings
3771San Jose Sharks
3872Los Angeles Kings
3973Dallas Stars (from Vancouver Canucks)
31074Ottawa Senators
31175Washington Capitals (from Arizona Coyotes via New Jersey Devils)
31276Montreal Canadiens (from Chicago Blackhawks)
31377Calgary Flames
31478Philadelphia Flyers
31579Dallas Stars
31680New York Rangers
31781St. Louis Blues
31882Winnipeg Jets
31983Nashville Predators
32084Calgary Flames (from Edmonton Oilers)
32185Boston Bruins
32286Minnesota Wild
32387Montreal Canadiens (from Washington Capitals via San Jose Sharks)
32488Buffalo Sabres (from Florida Panthers)
32589Los Angeles Kings (from Toronto Maple Leafs)
32690Minnesota Wild (from Pittsburgh Penguins via San Jose Sharks)
32791Carolina Hurricanes
32892Colorado Avalanche
32993New York Islanders
43094Carolina Hurricanes (from Detroit Red Wings via Vegas Golden Knights)
43195Buffalo Sabres (from Montreal Canadiens)
33296Tampa Bay Lightning
4197Buffalo Sabres
4298Anaheim Ducks
4399Seattle Kraken
44100New Jersey Devils
45101Columbus Blue Jackets
46102Detroit Red Wings
47103San Jose Sharks
48104New York Rangers (from Los Angeles Kings)
49105Chicago Blackhawks (from Vancouver)
410106New York Rangers (from Ottawa Senators)
411107Arizona Coyotes
412108Chicago Blackhawks
413109Los Angeles Kings (from Calgary Flames)
414110Philadelphia Flyers
415111Dallas Stars
416112New York Rangers
417113Montreal Canadiens (from St. Louis Blues)
418114Vegas Golden Knights (from Winnipeg Jets)
419115Nashville Predators
420116Edmonton Oilers
421117Boston Bruins
422118Minnesota Wild
423119Washington Capitals
424120Florida Panthers
425121San Jose Sharks (from Toronto Maple Leafs)
426122Arizona Coyotes (from Pittsburgh Penguins)
427123Carolina Hurricanes
428124Nashville Predators (from Colorado Avalanche via Ottawa Senators)
529125New York Islanders
530126Montreal Canadiens (from Vegas Golden Knights)
531127Montreal Canadiens
532128Detroit Red Wings (from Tampa Bay Lightning)
51129New Jersey Deilvs (from Buffalo Sabres)
52130Anaheim Ducks
53131Seattle Kraken
54132Columbus Blue Jackets (from New Jersey Devils)
55133Columbus Blue Jackets
56134Detroit Red Wings
57135San Jose Sharks
58136Los Angeles Kings
59137Vancouver Canucks
510138Detroit Red Wings (from Ottawa Senators via Montreal Canadiens)
511139Arizona Coyotes
512140Vancouver Canucks (from Chicago Blackhawks)
513141Calgary Flames
514142Montreal Canadiens (from Philadelphia Flyers)
515143Dallas Stars
516144New York Rangers
517145St. Louis Blues
518146Winnipeg Jets
519147Nashville Predators
520148Anaheim Ducks (from Edmonton Oilers vs. Ottawa Senators
521149Boston Bruins
522150Minnesota Wild
523151Washington Capitals
524152Florida Panthers
525153Toronto Maple Leafs
526154Pittsburgh Penguins
527155Vegas Golden Knights (from Carolina Hurricanes)
528156San Jose Sharks (from Colorado Avalanche)
529157New York Islanders
530158Philadelphia Flyers (from Vegas Golden Knights via Washington Capitals)
531159Buffalo Sabres (from Montreal Canadiens)
532160Tampa Bay Lightning
61161Buffalo Sabres
62162Anaheim Ducks
63163Seattle Kraken
64164New Jersey Devils
65165Columbus Blue Jackets
66166Detroit Red Wings
67167San Jose Sharks
68168Los Angeles Kings
69169Vancouver Canucks
610170Ottawa Senators
611171Arizona Coyotes
612172Chicago Blackhawks
613173Calgary Flames
614174Philadelphia Flyers
615175Dallas Stars
616176New York Rangers
617177St. Louis Blues
618178Vancouver Canucks (from Winnipeg Jets)
619179Nashville Predators
620180Edmonton Oilers
621181Boston Bruins
622182Minnesota Wild
623183Washington Capitals
624184Florida Panthers
625185Toronto Maple Leafs
626186Edmonton Oilers (from Pittsburgh Penguins)
627187Carolina Hurricanes
628188Buffalo Sabres (from Colorado Avalanche)
629189New York Islanders
630190Vegas Golden Knights
631191Montreal Canadiens
632192Tampa Bay Lightning
71193Buffalo Sabres
72194Pittsburgh Penguins (from Anaheim Ducks)
73195Seattle Kraken
74196Tampa Bay Lightning (from New Jersey Devils)
75197Columbus Blue Jackets
76198St. Louis Blues (from Detroit Red Wings)
77199San Jose Sharks
78200Carolina Hurricanes (from Los Angeles Kings)
79201Vancouver Canucks
710202Ottawa Senators
711203New Jersey Devils (from Arizona Coyotes)
712204Chicago Blackhawks
713205Calgary Flames
714206Philadelphia Flyers
715207Dallas Stars
716208New York Rangers
717209Carolina Hurricanes (from St. Louis Blues)
718210Florida Panthers (from Winnipeg Jets)
719211Tampa Bay Lightning (from Nashville Predators)
721213Boston Bruins
722214Minnesota Wild
723215Pittsburgh Penguins (from Washington Capitals)
724216Chicago Blackhawks (from Florida Panthers)
725217Boston Bruins (from Toronto Maple Leafs)
726218Pittsburgh Penguins
727219Carolina Hurricanes
728220Colorado Avalanche
729221New York Islanders
730222Vegas Golden Knights
731223Montreal Canadiens
732224Tampa Bay Lightning