Who will win gold in Olympics swimming? Odds, favorites for every 2021 men’s & women’s event

Who will win gold in Olympics swimming? Odds, favorites for every 2021 men's & women's event

Back when Michael Phelps was competing in the Olympics, bettors would be better off just wagering on props than wasting their money on a small payout. That was how much of a favorite Phelps was to win at the games.

This year, however, there’s really only one swimmer that is the clear safe bet to win: Katie Ledecky. At 24 years old, Ledecky is still well within her prime and she’s already the world record holder in several events in which she’ll be swimming in Tokyo.

But on the men’s side, and in some of the other women’s events, the field is wide open. Caeleb Dressel looks like a strong contender for the United States in several men’s events, as does Ryan Murphy and Michael Andrew, while Regan Smith, Rhyan White and Simone Manuel look to hold off several talented Australian swimmers on the women’s side.

Check out the odds for swimming at the 2021 Tokyo Games, according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

Olympic swimming odds 2021

Men’s Events

50 Freestyle

Caeleb Dressel (United States)-900
Vladimir Morozov (Russia)+550
Benjamin Proud (Great Britain)+750
Kliment Kolesnikov (Russia)+900
Cameron McEvoy (Australia)+1100
Bruno Fratus (Brazil)+1200
Michael Andrew (United States)+1200
Kristian Gkolomveev (Greece)+2000
Pawel Juraszek (Poland)+3300
Florent Manaudou (France)+4000
Ari-Pekka Liukkonen (Finland)+5000
Brent Hayden (Canada)+6600
Thom De Boer (Netherlands)+6600
David Cumberlidge (Great Britain)+12500

400 Freestyle

Elijah Winnington (Australia)+100
Jack McLoughlin (Australia)+275
Danas Rapsys (Lithuania)+350
Gabriele Detti (Italy)+500
Martin Malyutin (Russia)+850
Felix Aubock (Austria)+1200
Kieran Smith (United States)+1600
Lukas Martens (Germany)+2500
Jack Mitchell (United States)+6500
Kieran Bird (Great Britain)+6500
Antonio Djakovic (Switzerland)+10000

800 Freestyle

Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy)+140
Mykhailo Romanchuk (Ukraine)+250
Jack McLoughlin (Australia)+300
Henrik Christiansen (Norway)+450
Florian Wellbrock (Germany)+500
David Aubry (France)+800
Gabriele Detti (Italy)+800
Ahmed Hafnaoui (Tunisia)+2000
Aleksandr Egorov (Russia)+2500
Felix Aubock (Austria)+3500
Bobby Finke (United States)+3500
Michael Brinegar (United States)+3500
Franco Grgic (Croatia)+5000
Serhiy Frolov (Ukraine)+6000
Guilherme Costa (Brazil)+6500
Jan Micka (Czech Republic)+10000
Zac Reid (New Zealand)+10000
Akos Kalmar (Hungary)+10000

1500 Freestyle

Florian Wellbrock (Germany)+100
Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy)+140
Mykhailo Romanchuk (Ukraine)+240
Lukas Martens (Germany)+1200
David Aubry (France)+1400
Henrik Christiansen (Norway)+1600
Bobby Finke (United States)+1600
Daniel Jervis (Great Britain)+1600
Alexander Norgaard (Denmark)+2500
Jack McLoughlin (Australia)+2800
Domenico Acerenza (Italy)+3500
Franco Grgic (Croatia)+3500
Michael Brinegar (United States)+3500
Damien Joly (France)+4000
Jan Micka (Czech Republic)+4000
Shogo Takeda (Japan)+4000
Aleksandr Egorov (Russia)+5000
Kiril Martynychev (Russia)+5000
Guilherme Costa (Brazil)+5000
Serhiy Frolov (Ukraine)+5500

100 Backstroke

Evgeny Rylov (Russia)+140
Kliment Kolesnikov (Russia)+170
Ryan Murphy (United States)+275
Xu Jiayu (China)+400
Hunter Armstrong (United States)+900
Mitch Larkin (Australia)+900
Apostolos Christou (Greece)+2000
Ryosuke Irie (Japan)+2500
Robert Glinta (Romania)+2500
Mewen Tomac (France)+2500
Hugo Gonzalez (Spain)+4000
Yohann Ndoye Brouard (France)+5000
Thomas Ceccon (Italy)+6500
Luke Greenback (Great Britain)+10000
Joe Litchfield (Great Britain)+10000

200 Backstroke

Evgeny Rylov (Russia)-250
Ryan Murphy (United States)+275
Mitch Larkin (Australia)+600
Bryce Mefford (United States)+600
Luke Greenback (Great Britain)+700
Xu Jiayu (China)+1000
Ryosuke Irie (Japan)+1200
Radoslaw Kawecki (Poland)+2800
Adam Telegdy (Hungary)+2800
Christian Diener (Germany)+3500
Tristan Hollard (Australia)+3500
Yohann Ndoye Brouard (France)+3500
Mewen Tomac (France)+3500
Jan Cejka (Czech Republic)+3500
Roman Mityukov (Switzerland)+5000
Francisco R-Santos (Portugal)+7000
Berke Saka (Turkey)+8000
Jakub Skierka (Poland)+8000

100 Breaststroke

Adam Peaty (Great Britain)-2000
Arno Kamminga (Netherlands)+700
Michael Andrew (United States)+700
Ilya Shymanovich (Belarus)+900
Nicolo Martinenghi (Italy)+1000
Andrew Wilson (United States)+1800
James Wilby (Great Britain)+1800
Fabian Schwingenschlogi (Germany)+2500
Yan Zibei (China)+3500
Kiril Prigoda (Russia)+3500
Felipe Lima (Brazil)+5000

200 Breaststroke

Zac Stubblety-Cook (Australia)+185
Anton Chupkov (Russia)+200
Shoma Sato (Japan)+225
Ippei Watanabe (Japan)+750
Arno Kamminga (Netherlands)+900
Matthew Wilson (Australia)+1200
Andrew Wilson (United States)+1200
Nic Fink (United States)+1200
Ryuya Mura (Japan)+1400
Erik Persson (Sweden)+1600
James Wilby (Great Britain)+1600
Dmitriy Balandin (Kazakhstan)+2000
Ross Murdoch (Great Britain)+2200
Matti Mattsson (Finland)+2200
Qin Haiyang (China)+2200
Marco Koch (Germany)+2500
Kiril Prigoda (Russia)+3500
Cho Sung-jae (South Korea)+4000
Caspar Corbeau (Netherlands)+5000
Yan Zibei (China)+5000
Andrius Sidlauskas (Lithuania)+5500
Lyubomir Epitropov (Bulgaria)+8000
Darragh Greene (Ireland)+10000
Christopher Rothbauer (Austria)+10000
Antoine Viquerat (France)+10000

200 Butterfly

Kristof Milark (Hungary)-1600
Daiya Seto (Japan)+600
Federico Burdisso (Italy)+900
Tamas Kenderesi (Hungary)+1000
Antani Ivanov (Bulgaria)+1400
Tomoru Honda (Japan)+1600
Zach Harting (United States)+2000
David Thomasberger (Great Britain)+2500
Denys Kesil (Ukraine)+3500
Gunnar Bentz (United States)+5000
James Guy (Great Britain)+5000
Matthew Temple (Australia)+5000
Noe Ponti (Switzerland)+5000
Chad Le Clos (Russia)+5000

200 Individual Medley

Michael Andrew (United States)+100
Daiya Seto (Japan)+275
Mitch Larkin (Australia)+400
Duncan Scott (Great Britain)+500
Kosuke Hagino (Japan)+700
Hugo Gonzalez (Spain)+800
Chase Kalisz (United States)+900
Wang Shun (China)+1000
Jeremy Desplanches (Switzerland)+1600
Hubert Kos (Hungary)+1800
Joe Litchfield (Great Britain)+2500
Alberto Razzetti (Italy)+2500
Philip Heintz (Germany)+3500
Lewis Clareburt (New Zealand)+4000

400 Individual Medley

Daiya Seto (Japan)-105
Chase Kalisz (United States)+200
Leon Marchard (France)+600
Lewis Clareburt (New Zealand)+700
Wang Shun (China)+1000
Max Litchfield (Great Britain)+1200
Brendon Smith (Australia)+1200
Jay Litherland (United States)+1200
Ilya Borodin (Russia)+1600
Yuki Ikari (Japan)+1600
Jacob Heidtmann (Germany)+2500
Maxim Stupin (Russia)+2800
Se-Bom Lee (Australia)+3500
Joan Lluis Pons (Spain)+3500
Jeremy Desplanches (Switzerland)+4000
Arjan Knipping (Netherlands)+6500

Women’s events

50 Freestyle

Emma McKeon (Australia)+200
Cate Campbell (Australia)+225
Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Netherlands)+300
Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden)+300
Pernille Blume (Denmark)+350
Maria Kameneva (Russia)+900
Simone Manuel (United States)+900
Abbey Weitzeil (United States)+1200
Katarzyna Wasick (Poland)+1400
Yufei Zhang (China)+2500
Femke Heemskerk (Netherlands)+3300
Michelle Coleman (Sweden)+3300
Arina Surkova (Russia)+5000
Wu Qingfeng (China)+5000
Anna Hopkin (Great Britain)+5500
Melanie Henique (France)+6600
Siobhan Haughey (Hong Kong)+6600
Marie Wattel (France)+6600
Julie Kepp Jensen (Denmark)+10000

100 Freestyle

Emma McKeon (Australia)-110
Cate Campbell (Australia)+250
Penny Oleksiak (Canada)+500
Wu Quingfeng (China)+850
Zhang Yufei (China)+1000
Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Netherlands)+1000
Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden)+1100
Femke Heemskerk (Netherlands)+1400
Siobhan Haughey (Hong Kong)+2000
Yang Junxuan (China)+2000
Abbey Weitzeil (United States)+2000
Erika Brown (United States)+2000
Pernille Blume (Denmark)+2000
Marie Wattel (France)+2500
Anna Hopkin (Great Britain)+3300
Freya Anderson (Great Britain)+3300
Taylor Ruck (Canada)+4000
Maria Kameneva (Russia)+5000
Federica Pellegrini (Italy)+5500
Michelle Coleman (Sweden)+5500
Rikako Ikee (Japan)+6600

100 Backstroke

Kaylee McKeown (Australia)-145
Regan Smith (United States)+150
Kylie Masse (Canada)+200
Kathleen Dawson (Great Britain)+900
Rhyan White (United States)+1200
Kira Toussaint (Netherlands)+1600
Emily Seebohm (Australia)+1700
Maria Kameneva (Russia)+3300
Anastasia Fesikova (Russia)+3300
Cassie Wild (Great Britain)+5000
Maakie de Waard (Netherlands)+6600
Taylor Ruck (Canada)+6600
Chen Jie (China)+10000
Anastasiya Shkurdai (Belarus)+10000
Simona Kubova (Czech Republic)+10000

200 Backstroke

Kaylee McKeown (Australia)-275
Margherita Panziera (Italy)+335
Rhyan White (United States)+450
Kylie Masse (Canada)+600
Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)+800
Emily Seebohm (Australia)+900
Phoebe Bacon (United States)+1000
Taylor Ruck (Canada)+2200
Cassie Wild (Great Britain)+2200
Katalin Burian (Hungary)+2200
Peng Xuwei (China)+3300
Lena Grabowski (Austria)+5000
Daryna Zevina (Ukraine)+5000
Liu Yaxin (China)+5500
Kathleen Dawson (Great Britain)+5500
Africa Zamorana (Spain)+7000

200 Butterfly

Yufei Zhang (China)+100
Hali Flickinger (United States)+165
Suzuka Hasegawa (Japan)+330
Boglarka Kapas (Hungary)+700
Regan Smith (United States)+700
Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)+700
Brianna Throssell (Australia)+1200
Alys Thomas (Great Britain)+1600
Laura Stephens (Great Britain)+1800
Franziska Hentke (Germany)+3500
Hiroko Makino (Japan)+3500
Svetlana Chimrova (Russia)+4000
Ana Monteiro (Portugal)+10000


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