Greg Norman proud of viral bulge pictures

Everyone now knows what golf legend Greg Norman is packing — and he’s OK with that.

In November, Norman made headlines after posting a beach picture on Instagram with a very visible bulge.

When he went on the Australian version of “The Today Show” Wednesday, the 66-year-old proudly spoke about the viral image.

“It’s just who I am!” Norman said to laughing hosts Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic. “Aussies are very outgoing people. I’m a very natural person, as you guys can tell. It is what it is and Mother Nature was pretty good to me.”

The Australian, who now resides in Florida, added that an American radio show pleaded with him to delete the photo because they thought that it would be the main news story “all week.”


“I love my outlook on life and it really is not offensive, to be honest with you,” Norman said. “I look after myself. I enjoy working out.”

Both hosts agreed with the Aussie with Stefanovic saying he particularly enjoyed the spicy beach photo.


“My only concern is that Karl is going to try and recreate it,” Langdon said.

Norman, who spent 331 weeks as the world’s No. 1 golf player between the 1980s and 90s invited Stefanovic to come to Florida and work out with him to gain a similar physique.

“Karl, come over here and work out with me for six weeks,’ Greg said. ‘I’ve got a pair of blue shorts; they’re identical to the ones I had on the beach and we will go down,” he said.

“I might need some surgery!” Stefanovic replied with a laugh.