Genshin Impact: YouTuber Shares His Thoughts About Latest Character Rosaria

The second re-run banner of Genshin Impact update 1.4 has finally gone live. This time around, the community will have another chance to pick up the 5-star character Tartaglia, and the only new character of this update in Rosaria.

She is going to serve as a 4-star polearm Cyro user, who hails from Mondstadt. Rosaria is a member of the church of Favonius, and she is also a silent protector of the city. She can go to any length to protect her people and will dish out adequate punishment to evildoers.

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YouTuber Tenha shared his thoughts new Genshin Impact character, Rosaria

According to Tenha physical damage characters seem good, but they have built-in limitations. Physical damage in itself cannot churn out massive numbers that other elemental reactions can easily produce. He added Rosaria to his party and tried to test her abilities in the most challenging levels of Spiral Abyss. The final  4 floors usually contain a formidable set of mobs who can adequately depict the prowess of any character.


He made use of Rosaria as Cryo support for DPS electro characters like Razor and Keqing. The results of his experimentations were quite clear, electro has lower damage output and physical damage characters are still underwhelming.

Rosaria’s damage output was very disappointing, with maximum damage being 14k only. However, she could take on the support character, which surely leaves more room for experiments. Players should look to build her with Pyro units instead of electro, as this element is probably the weakest in the game at this moment.

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video source: Tenha

The crit rate passive is the only saving grace for her, but safe to say she is not a DPS unit at all. Rosaria can definitely work well with Ganyu as her support, but her DPS abilities indeed affect her support role. However, her elemental burst might be the only ability that can work really well for other units. In the second constellation, she can leave Cryo Pillar for 12 seconds, which can be used to trigger elemental reactions.


There is another key issue with Rosaria, as she is a physical damage dealer. Any buff to electro will not necessarily benefit her, as the only super-conduct reaction can amplify physical damage. This elemental reaction along with physical damage is probably the weakest in the entire game.

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