Bundeswehr has 320 Leopard-2 tanks in storage

Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Leopard 2 tank

The same source added that Bundeswehr no longer has any Leopard-1 tanks or some of the older models of Leopard-2.

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It’s unclear how many of these tanks are combat-ready.

Earlier, Leopard-2 manufacturer Rheinmetall said it has 139 tanks in its warehouses, but only 29 of them would be ready to ship in spring 2023. The company added that it also has a stock of 88 Leopard-1 tanks, although they would be ready for delivery in nine to twelve months.

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Another German company FFG told CNN it has 99 Leopard-1 MBTs, but only older models of those.

Earlier on Jan. 24, Poland officially requested Berlin’s permission to supply Ukraine with a squadron worth of Leopard-2 tanks.

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German media subsequently reported Berlin intends to greenlight shipments of German tanks to Ukraine as early as on Jan. 25.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy earlier said that a number of countries are ready to provide Kyiv with around 100 Leopard tanks, and are waiting on Berlin to give the go-ahead.

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