Machine Gun Kelly Says Megan Fox Is ‘Comedically Genius’ in His Stoner Flick ‘Good Mourning’

It’s a good thing that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox appear to be super-compatible both on- and off-screen. Which might explain why the rapper/rocker/actor had nothing but the highest praise for his fiancé’s work in his upcoming stoner flick, Good Mourning. On the red carpet at the debut for the feel-good film he co-directed with pal and co-star Mod Sun under his government name, Colson Baker, MGK said Mourning is a showcase for his beloved’s underappreciated comedic chops.

“I just think she’s comedically genius,” Baker told ET. “I think she’s so underrated as a comedic actor and just as an actor who can adapt to different faces and phases, so, it was an honor,” adding, “It’s so funny, I was trying to make her not look like Megan Fox. I was like, ‘We should put an old lady wig on you,’ and she was like, ‘I got this,’ and she was her and she was Kennedy. And Kennedy was kind of like an ode to Reagan from New Girl. So, everything was kind of Meta.”

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The good vibes apparently go both ways, with Fox saying that she was “super proud” of her intended, who stars as London Clash, a movie star who has to chose between going after his beloved Apple (Becky G) and prepping for a potentially life-changing major movie role.

“He [Baker] was amazing, and so was Mod,” Fox, 35, said. “He wrote the whole movie in like, three days, which is incredible. You could see his bursts of creativity, where he sort of downloads something from the universe and puts out an amazing product really quickly.”


The How High-style movie, which also features Snoop Dogg, comedian Whitney Cummings, Zach Villa, Jenna Boyd, Avril Lavigne, Dennis Rodman, Tom Arnold, Trippie Redd, Danny Trejo, Dove Cameron and Colson’s bestie Pete Davidson, was so fun to make that the star said he could barely keep his composure. “We made a promise to ourself: if we aren’t making people laugh on-set, off-camera, then we gotta just pack up and go home, and so, like, when people couldn’t even hold the camera straight because the laughs were happening — we knew were making the right choice,” Baker, 32, told ET.

In another red carpet interview with People, Baker said Fox didn’t let him lead her character in any particular direction because she said she knew implicitly what her character Kennedy is all about. “She improvised and brought Kennedy to life, and I’ve heard a lot of people say that that’s their favorite character in the movie,” he said. “I’ll always collaborate with Megan. I’m madly in love with her — and I’m also a fan.”


He also noted that some of Fox’s lines in the film were inspired by their real life.”Every line that people wanted to keep in the editing station that she had said was stuff that she actually had said to me in real life,” he said. “She was like, ‘You’re 30. It’s time to grow up.’”

Good Mourning will hit theaters and on-demand on May 20. Watch the trailer below.

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