Former Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner turned down offer from division rival

Brett Gardner cropped 10/1/21

It’s mid-May, and Brett Gardner currently is not a member of the New York Yankees, or any team for that matter.

That is a statement people would find hard to believe had you told them after the 2021 season. It always felt inevitable that Gardner would end up in pinstripes somehow, someway.

It likely felt inevitable to the 38-year-old himself.

However, Gardy received interest from other teams and, according to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, the Blue Jays offered him a one-year, $6 milli on deal. An offer that Gardner declined as it was implied that he would only return to baseball as a Yankee.


The report also said that Gardner turned down pursuing an opportunity to play with the Braves after finding out their outfielder Eddie Rosario would miss significant time due to a Lasik eye procedure.


Unfortunately for the 14-year veteran, it doesn’t appear that the Yankees will require his services this season or beyond. The Bombers are off to a scorching hot 23-8 start, owning the best record in baseball.

Aaron Boone already has a “10-man lineup,” so to speak, where he is shuffling players – particularly in the outfield where Gardner plays – all over the place.

Even pinch-runner – a role that Gardner would likely thrive in due to his well-known speed – is occupied by outfielder Tim Locastro, who just recently was placed on the injured list with a back injury.

With all of that being said, there truly is not a spot for Gardner on the Yankees. Usually, an injury would occur and Gardy would occupy one of the outfield spots for 120-plus games.

Heck, he batted sixth in the American League Wild Card game against the Red Sox just last season.

Especially in this scenario, never say never. However, if Gardner is waiting for an opportunity to jump back in and play with the Yankees, he may be waiting a very, very long time.