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Catt Sadler says Delta variant is ‘relentless’ as battles COVID-19

Catt Sadler says Delta variant is 'relentless' as battles COVID-19

Catt Sadler urges people to get vaccinated despite contracting COVID-19 fully vaccinated. (Photo: FilmMagic)

Catt Sadler contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated, and she wants people to take the Delta variant seriously. The former E! News host joined Thursday’s episode of The View where she slammed vaccine hesitancy, despite her breakthrough case.

“Delta is relentless,” Sadler, 46, cautioned.

“I thought I was turning a corner a couple days ago, but not so much,” she added. “I have very little energy.”

Sadler, who is on day 14, said that while her symptoms were worse early on — fever, congestion, sore throat, loss of taste and smell — she is still extremely fatigued and “lethargic.”

The television personality caught the virus from her 20-year-old son, experiencing symptoms about four days later.

“It was definitely shocking,” she admitted, “My son is unvaccinated and I was taking care of him, like any mother would. I was wearing my mask and I was careful, but apparently not careful enough.”


Sadler admitted to “walking around with this false sense of security” after she was vaccinated in May.

“We know the vaccine is not foolproof by any means, but I think a lot of us watching were like me … ‘I got the vaccine, I’m good.’ But I wasn’t,” she said. “I then got quite sick and I’ve been home ever since.”

The podcast host doesn’t want the fact she contracted COVID-19 to discourage people from getting vaccinated.

“Let me be very clear,” she said. “Vaccines save lives. That is the point of the vaccine… Yes, you can still get sick, but you are not going to die if you are vaccinated. That’s it, full stop.”


Sadler said people “need to have every single layer of protection possible so we can end this pandemic once and for all.”

As for whether her son will get vaccinated, Sadler said, “I hope so.”

“I’m really working on him and I think I’m going to get him to the other side,” she told the women.

As for why he didn’t initially, Sadler said he was influenced by misinformation on social media.

“Assault of misinformation is very, very real,” she warned, calling it “horrifying.”


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