Elon Musk trolled for dancing at Mexico rave in viral video

Elon Musk is being ruthlessly roasted online over a viral video of him awkwardly dancing at a rave in Mexico.

Dressed in his usual all-black attire, the Tesla CEO was caught gawkily swaying to house music with his hands placed on the back of his head while surrounded by fellow ravers at dance group Rüfüs Du Sol’s Sundream Baja music festival earlier this month.

Naturally, Twitter users pounced on Musk’s questionable dancing abilities.

“WTF ??? He’s dancing like he’s in pain,” one viewer wrote on the social media platform, which the SpaceX founder acquired last year.

“Ew. Cringe worthy,” another agreed.

Elon Musk dancing.
Elon Musk awkwardly danced at a rave in Mexico earlier this month.

“Oh that is pitiful!” a third person tweeted.

“Oh dear. Having high school flashbacks. Not the good kind,” another joked.

“Don’t think Dancing With the Stars will be calling anytime soon,” one more teased.

Elon Musk dancing.
Musk is a fan of electronic dance music.

Others pointed out that the billionaire, 51, was dancing like nobody was watching.

“Trust me that’s going to be the thing all summer. It’s called ‘I’m loaded and don’t give an [sic] f’ dance,” one fan tweeted.

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But yet another netizen was brutally succinct, writing, “What a frigging dork.”

Elon Musk dancing at a rave in Mexico.
Musk even released his own dance track in 2020.

Not everyone was quite so harsh, though.

“He is also a human and deserves fun,” one tweeter noted.

“Guys sure as hell works a s–t tone [sic] so it’s great that he is having time to relax,” a second admirer wrote.

Elon Musk dancing at a rave in Mexico.
Musk was criticized on Twitter, which he owns, for his dance moves.

Musk is well-known for his love of electronic dance music, having recorded and released a track himself in 2020 called “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe.”

The previous year, he dropped a rap song about the death of Harambe the gorilla, who was shot at a Cincinnati zoo in 2016 after a 3-year-old boy fell into his enclosure.

Musk has had quite a busy month; just days after busting a move in Mexico, he met with French President Emmanuel Macron for a business conference.

Elon Musk in France in May 2023.
Musk also dropped a rap song about the death of Harambe the gorilla.
Elon Musk with microphone in 2015.
The video was taken before Musk’s embarrassing collaboration with Ron DeSantis.

The magnate then helped Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announce a presidential campaign in a disastrous Twitter Spaces conversation.

The scheduled feed was delayed by more than 20 minutes while the platform frantically tried to rectify the laughable launch.

“I’ve never seen this before,” Musk, who has tapped NBCUniversal’s head of advertising Linda Yaccarino to replace him as the CEO of Twitter, was heard saying during one outage.