How I Met Your Father Brings Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney Back

This How I Met Your Father cameo is nothing short of legen—wait for it—dary.

One day after Hilary Duff teased a cameo from another original How I Met Your Mother cast member on Good Morning America, Neil Patrick Harris popped up in the season two premiere.

The actor reprised his iconic character of Barney Stinson for the Jan. 24 episode, complete with a ‘LGNDRY’ license plate. Duff’s Sophie collided with Barney—literally—when she crashed into his car while on the phone with her mother, played by Paget Brewster.

“It was a dream come true working with them,” Duff said of Harris, who she didn’t name at the time, on GMA

. “I think our dream would have the entire cast come through at some point.”

Luckily, the season two premiere is not the last fans will see of Barney, according to show co-creator Elizabeth Berger

. “That was really truly just a little tease but we do have some really meaty stuff coming. More is coming,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “By the time his appearance on our show is over, people will feel really satisfied by what they’ve seen.”