Why Some Olaplex Users Claim the Products Caused Hair Damage

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sheila Farhang acknowledged in an exclusive interview with E! News that hair loss is a very complex issue—one that typically isn’t caused by hair products.

“Hair loss is a very emotional situation so people speak up about it and want to find answers quickly,” she pointed out. “Unfortunately, due to this, I’ve seen a lot of hair product companies get blamed for something it likely isn’t causing.”

So, what exactly can cause hair damage? Well, it could be other aspects of your beauty routine.

“Hair damage and breakage could be caused by strong chemicals such as those professionally done—think bleaching,” Dr. Farhang said, “and also excessive styling and heating.”


The Tucson, Ariz.- and Beverly Hills, Calif.-based dermatologist also noted that health factors such as stress, hormones and nutrient deficiencies can play a role in hair breakage.

And if you’re curious about which ingredients in haircare products to steer clear of, she said, “Sulfates (SLS), high alcohol or bleach content products could potentially overly dry your hair and possibly cause it to break if you already have thin damaged hair.”